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Mr. John Oscar Juma
TMr. Juma is the founder and Managing Partner of J.O Juma & Co. Advocates.
Mr. Juma holds a first class LLB Degree from the University of Nairobi. He is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya duly admitted to the roll of Advocates and a member of the Law Society of Kenya and certified public secretary.

Mr. Juma holds a Diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He is a Commissioner for Oaths, a Notary Public, a patent Agent as well as a member of the continuous legal Education Committee of the Law Society of Kenya (CLE).

Mr. Juma brings to the firm a record 17 years of private practice. He enjoys wide experience both as a court litigator per excellence and a mediator in dispute Resolution matter. His experience fully tapped by the firm has been enriched both locally and internationally.

In Mr. Juma’s hands, clients are safe as he has established and trained a qualified focused support staff for the client’s benefit.



Ms. Doreen Namagembe
Ms Namagembe holds a Bachelors of law degree LLB (Hons) from Makerere University (MUK) and a post graduate diploma from Kenya School of Law. She is a robust advocate in civil litigation, commercial law, employment and labour Relations, Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law and Protection and Criminal Law. In realization of a family as a basic unity of society, Doreen developed an in depth interest in succession matters, custody, access to children, maintenance and divorce in general. She also regularly involves herself in out of Court settlement and negotiations when need arises.


Mr. Baraka Xavier
Mr. Baraka graduated with Honours Degree in Law from the Africa Nazarene University before proceeding to The Kenya School of Law for a Diploma in Law. Mr. Baraka specializes in Constitutional matters, Commercial transactions and Conveyancing.


support staff

Mr. Alfred Muoki Munuve
He is a court clerk of more than 15 years’ experience in court work and conveyancing he specializes in Preparation and perfection of security documents such as Legal Charges, Debentures Mortgages and Chattel Mortgages. He also specializes in Land Adjudication, Settlements and Land Survey.


Mr. Geofrey Ouma
He is a court clerk of more than 6 years’ experience in court work. He is also specialised in preparing partnerships Deeds. Registration of business names, - Registration of Societies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Co-operative Societies and Self Help Groups.



Ms. Diana Vivian
Diana is the pivot pension in the support staff. She doubles both as the financial Manager as well as handling of human Resource matters.
Diana currently handles first office maters where her professional first interaction with – clients has given the firm a favorable image. She brings over 5 years of experience to the law firm.

Ms. Irene Adhiambo
She is the firm's office assistant, assisting with the day to day hygenic chores and general staff welfare.



Mr. Joseph Osimba
Mr. Joseph is the firms driver and assits with the running of errands