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family law

At J.O. Juma & Company Advocates we appreciate family ties. The firm itself is built along family values both legal and support staff are treated as family. Clients become part of the family.

Articles 43 of the Constitution gives detailed recognition of the family as a social unit. Various legislative documents and laws have been enacted to address the several issues that undeniably crop up due to interactions within the society.

We are therefore alive to the fact that once is a while especially in a progressive society family dispute will arise especially those that touch on matrimonial issues. To this end we as a firm has out together a well researched library and qualified legal team that will take instruction and appropriately advise clients.

Our Pillar of practice on family matters have always been the advice to first mediate with litigation being the final resort.

For several years the firm has been called up to the handle the following matters.

1. Divorce matters
2. Matter of probate and Administration of deceased estate.
3. Matrimonial property issues.
4. Drawing/Drafting of wills and other instruments.
5. Disputes arising out of deceased estates.
6. Issues of marriage and child /custody and maintenance.