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J.O.Juma and company advocates has a vast experience in different areas of law which include but not limited to:

We have over the year accumulated a wealth of experience in handling arbitration matters. Our portfolio enjoys a large number of satisfied clients whose arbitration issues have passed through the High Court of Kenya or through the now famous mediation processes.
Our work in this field covers matters touching on the arbitration Act 1995 which include appointment of Arbitrators, removal of Arbitrators, stay applications, matters of jurisdiction and arbitral proceedings.

Banking and Finance
The firm enjoys extensive and tested experience in the areas of banking and finance.
Through its formative years the firm sharpened its handling of financial matters including investment portfolios advisory and legal opinions to renowned banking and financial institutions.
The firm’s bulky portfolio in this area attests to its success.

Corporate and Conveyance Law
J.O.Juma & Co Advocates boasts a wide and visible experience both in the commercial and corporate corridors and Conveyancing.
Throughout the years the firm has managed to receive/acquire and maintain a calibre of reputable professional corporate bodies both locally and in the international arena.
The firm has handled a wide range of matters touching on corporate mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of both private and public companies, general trade agreement matters of dissolution and winding up of companies, creations and registration of mortgages.
J.O.Juma & Co Advocates has over the years handled myriads of issues in conveyance where it has with integrity and satisfaction prepared documents in land matters, drew agreements and facilitated the transfer of properties within stipulated timelines.

Criminal Matters
J.O.Juma & Co Advocates has formidable experience in the field of criminal law backed with thorough investigative and research team.
Over the years the firm has served various corporate and individual clients in handling matter touching on simple employee theft, matters of fraud, offences touching on client property and estate to capital offences.
The firm has established a close networking relationship with various investigative bodies with a view to ensuring that client’s matters are expeditiously handled with utmost care and secrecy.

Employment and Labour Related Matters
J.O. Juma & Co Advocates enjoys a formidable reputation in this field especially with corporate clients.
Several matters filed in the industrial courts over the years have been successfully disposed of leaving a portfolio of satisfied corporate clients.
The firm mainly handle matters touching on human resource strategy and management, restructuring issues, employee contracting and management, labour issues, industrial/tribunal related cases.

Technology and Intellectual Property Matter
The firm enjoys wide experience in matters touching on Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, Domain names and other related intellectual property issues.
Over the years the firm has facilitated smooth registration of Trade Marks and Patents and preservation of brand and domain names. This is an area that is guided by strict timelines and require high end professionalism that the firm has a reputation for delivering.
This has necessitated the expansion of our ICT department and increase in staff to enable the firm meet with the strict timelines.
The firm has also been on several occasions called upon by clients to handle brand and Trade mark related infringements.

Insurance Law
J.O.Juma and company advocates have substantial experience in Insurance Law. Our Litigation team represents Insurance Companies in Litigation cases such as Industrial Accidents, Road Traffic Accidents, Risk Transfer, Underwriter Liability, Declaratory Suits and Subrogation Claims. We handle claims for private, public and non-governmental organizations. We also provide claim resolutions advice to leading Insurance companies
Our team ensures that rightful claims are settled amicably within the shortest time and at the right cost. We also pursue and prosecute personal accident, Industrial and other claims for our individual clients.

Real Estate
J.O.Juma and company advocates handles the following legal aspects relating to the real estate industry: Transactions on Property Development, Sub-division, Amalgamation, Change of User, Processing of New Grants, Security Reviews, extension of leases, processing of Titles under Sectional Properties Act, Purchasing and Selling
The firm has a formidable base of satisfied clients all over the country. This is supported by qualified personnel backed by a good relationship the firm enjoys with the various government agencies tasked with the requisite processes.
The firm also enjoys a reputation backed by integrity nurtured through the years. This means that monies due to clients are paid out timeously and documents acquired or prepared on behalf of clients and done so within the stipulated time and promptly delivered.
Our client’s base boasts both local and international clients.