Datapath Technologies Ltd



At J.O.Juma & Co Advocates we thrive on all system update, we ensure that we are always having our fingers on all matters touching on Employment and Labour issues. This position has always been beneficial to our clients as matters are handled expeditiously.

Since the enactment of the new constitution and the advent of devolution accompanied with the mass awareness of rights by the populace employers have been dragged to court and established tribunals in numbers.

It’s against this backlog that we too found it necessary to prepare a well researched and updated data bank. Our data bank include but not limited to:-

a). Employment Legislations
b). Trade Union Laws.
c). Matters on Employee remuneration and benefits.
d). Terms and conditions of employment including contracts and agreements.
e). Redundancy, Dismissal and termination
f). Applicable tax and benefits laws.
g). Legislations touching on pensions & Retirements.

We provide well researched legal opinion and oral advice to all our clients.
We ensure we monitor all matters filed in the designated courts and tribunals and ensure regular and tribunals and ensure regular and concise update to clients.

We also ensure that matters filed in various tribunals are not allowed to unnecessarily drag in our effort to save clients cost.