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CORPORATE LAW department

J.O. Juma & Co. Advocates enjoys a wealth of experience having been founded by Mr. Juma who is himself an established corporate lawyer.

Through Mr. Juma’s wealth of experience in litigation and handling or corporate matters the firm has grown in heaps and bounds with a formidable corporate profile to boost.

Over the years the firm has dealt with Banks financial institution, public and private corporation local and international institution on instruction ranging from incorporation of companies mergers and acquisition, investments, filing of returns , contract, agreement, treaties, winding up and dissolutions, dispute , resolution debt collections.

In many instances the firm has been called to render detailed well researched legal opinion on compliance corporate matters to which it has successfully accomplished.

The firm’s portfolio include but not limited to the following clients.

1. National Irrigation Board.
2. Celisal freight
3. Maji na Uhai.
4. Water Services Trust Fund.
5.BTE Insurance Brokers Ltd
6. Harambee Sacco
7. Nairobi Water
8. Gateway Insurance Co. Ltd
9. Ombundsman
10. Nairobi County Assembly
11. Busia County Assembly
12. National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation
13. Ukulima Sacco
14. Prime Steel Millers Ltd
15. Pear River Agencies
16. Pampa Charascania
17. Law Society of Kenya
18. Scientia Equipment Enterprises.
19. Jonato Enterprises
20. Petygrass & Lubes
21. Ukulima Housing Sacco
22. School Equipment production Unit
23. Green life Agro science (EA) Ltd
24. Coast Love Drilling & Engineering
25. New Blue York Hotel Ltd
26. Busia County Government.