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admiralty law or maritime law

Kenya being one of those countries favored with direct access to the sea is at times confronted with issues that also touches on the laws of the sea.

J.O. Juma & Company Advocates has not been left behind in this area. A well researched date on the latest issues touching on seafavours shippers and companies dealing directly with matters falling within the Admiralty Jurisdiction has been put in place.

The firm has positioned itself in the area of maritime law and is ready and fully equipped to deal with maritime questions and offence.

In this civic of practice we shall be ready when called upon to address issues touching on both domestic law governing maritime activities and private international law governing the relationship between private entitles that operate vessels on the oceans.

Areas of Interest include:

1. Marine Commerce
2. Marine Navigation
3. Marine Salvaged
4. Shipping
5. Sailors
6. Transportation of passengers and goods
7. Multi – lateral treaties
8. Towage
9. Wharves
10. Piers and docks
11. Insurance Marine
12. Maritime Lien
13. Canals and recreation
14. Piracy – ship hijacking